How Men Work

One for the weekend!!

Working like this, No Wonder Men work so much, coming home so late everyday. And Maybe thats the reason they need to get drunk so badly, To forget all the blunders they do at work everyday..

The background music is really what adds more fun and  tempo to this video.


Fridays vs Mondays

This Video truly depicts what millions of employees feel every friday while leaving office and every monday while leaving home.



Baby Rajnikanth

Breaking News: Rajnikanth‘s childhood video leaked….

This is one of the most rare rajnikanth videos. Just watch in amazement how baby rajni climbs down a flight of stairs to get to the milk…

Birthday Surprise

This Birthday surprise really turns out to be a surprise to everyone!!

Watch this guy fart without knowing there are people behind him, who have come to wish him on his birthday.

Awesome video.