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Seriously!!#? Are you kidding me?

You found nothing better on this entire site than to land on this page.  Believe me this is the most boring(est, if I may) page on this entire site. Well, if you wandered here without any intent, then just click this link and Thou shall be taken to a random joke and shall be spared the misery of enduring the rest of this page.

If you are still here, consider thyself warned!!

Why create this site, You ask?

Have you ever wondered what happens when a half mediocre programmer has all the time in the world, knows enough people to fill half the world’s spam in his mailbox and is so lazy that he can’t move his lousy ass to forward it to other spammers friends. Well more or less the result would be something like InstantHumour.

Shit apart, I hate stupid junk email forwards. I get shitload of them daily in my mailbox. But amongst them there always are a few ones that are so awesome that they deserve better than just the delete or forward button. Also I hate forwarding such emails. You know what happens, One person forwards a good joke to his entire friend-list. Then each of the recipients feel that they need to be forwarding it to every guy and his dog they know, without even thinking if the person they are sending to is actually on the cc list in the original mail. So each person ends up receiving n3-2n2+13(where n is an imaginary number) copies of the same email. Amidst all the ensuing chaos some moron experiences an uncontrollable urge to press the ‘Reply to All’ button just to add ‘ROFL’. In the end everyone’s mailbox ends up looking like dog puke.

So I decided its better to post it somewhere and have everyone visit it. You can now comment ‘LOL’ or ‘ROFL’ or whatever to your hearts content without me needing to know what emotions you are experiencing everytime you read a mail. If I need to I’ll visit the page and read the comments.

Good. Lets get outta here.

2 thoughts on “About iH

  1. Awesome thought… 😛 keep up the good work.. makin ppl laugh is a gift god bless u..good luck..

    1. Thanks…. It is our endeavour to make people laugh, have fun through instant humour. And entertain men, women and kids equally with humour for people from all walks of life.

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